At the foot of the Rhodope Mountains lies the Rhodopean 'collar' and this contains three wineries all of which are committed to producing high quality wines which have a specific regional identity: The Starata Izba Parvenets, in the village of Parvenets, The Kamenki Winery in the town of Perushtitsa, and The Villa Yustina Winery, in the village of Ustina.

In order to realise the potential of these wineries we decided to join together and establish the YAKATA appellation: Yakata meaning 'collar' in the local dialect. As founding members of Yakata we are committed to producing wines from our own vineyards only, to only produce wines that reflect our quality aspirations and to establish visitor centres in the region which demonstrate our commitment both to the Yakata region and to the wider cause of promoting the very best wine Bulgaria can produce.